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Full Natal Chart Reading

Full Natal Chart Reading

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This is an all-embracing reading to remind you who you are. Suitable for almost adults and upwards. A birth chart is a diagnostic manual, a symbol of potential, and a cosmic reassurance of what is available for you. In this reading, via email, you will gain insight into your big three (see below), all planets, houses, life lesson (Saturn) and North Node (growing towards). 

Big Three:


Sense of self, plot line, and where you need to go.


Where you are coming from and the environment in which you need to feel safe, and the qualities you instinctively use.


The way you are going and the vehicle you are using. Learned behavior and how you approach life.  

If you love my writing this is for you! I weave words imbued with empathy to give you a detailed interpretation of your natal chart sent your inbox as a PDF which you can print out to muse over. You will also receive an image of your natal chart, that you can self-study (please note this is a PDF A4 version the image shown is for display purposes only).

Please provide your exact birth details in the notes section at checkout, Full name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth and location.

Please allow 3-6 weeks for processing. The delivery time is dependent of the number of orders at the time of purchase. 

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