Our Story

Founded in 2018, Various Friends started with a promise to make educational and bespoke Zodiac-inspired pieces. Our difference - Various Friends is led by a professional Astrologer passionate about creating thoughtfully unique products.

Each collection draws upon the emotions and psychology behind astrology, and we share this philosophy through art.

Meet The Astrologer

Brooke is a writer, sky poet and astrologer who has studied under the head of the Federation of Astrologers Australia for seven years.

Brooke Macqueen specialises in horoscopes, moon reports and niche astrology content for leading fashion, wellness, beauty, jewellery and children's brands.
Brooke's work with its poetic undertones has been featured in We Are Pampa, Rhythm Swimwear, Dazed but Amazed, Paradiso Magazine, Daughters of India, Saint Helena, Krystle Knight Jewellery, Eye of Horus Cosmetics, Children of the Tribe, Osun Sparkling, Slow Journal, Minty Magazine, to name a few.
Please get in contact for any collaborations and events via info@variousfriends.com