Leo New Moon

Leo New Moon

The sky may be dark but when the Leo Sun holds hands with Leo Moon she is sparkling on the inside. At 1:12 pm AEST on the 01.08.2019, we have a significant New Moon. When these two luminaries dance side by side after the storms of July you will have your biggest cosmic reset. A super fresh new cycle as Mercury goes direct into his shadow period a short time after.


However Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse season pulled you apart this New Moon is asking you to readjust your crown as your light is shining in a whole new way. The coming weeks will be full of adjustments and the unexpected. Remain malleable, give and take and have the courage to heal.


This firey new cycle is an opportunity to find your inner flame and dream bigger and bolder than you ever have before. Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion is on your side. When it comes to matters of the heart Leo rules them all.  Leo is ruled by the sun itself reminding us that we are all children of the sun shining our unique light each and every day even when we feel it's dimmed. Your golden heart is loved. It is valued. You're a queen in someone else's eyes but you must have this belief about yourself.


Ultimately this New Moon is about love. Unabashed love. The love for your children, your partner, your creativity and above all the love you have for you. Set intentions under this moon that really spark your passions. Rework an ongoing creative project or launch a new one. Be bold, be brave and follow you not anyone else. Love the shit out of you. Love that inner child.


A queen will turn every lesson of heartache into her greatest strength. Then she will throw some sequins on it. 

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