Mum Monthlies Taurus Child - Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd

Taurus season has kicked off, so to celebrate all things Taurus, VF takes 5 with Ilsa , mum of Wolfgang age 3, to ask a few questions about life with a little Taurean.
Photography by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd
Describe your Taurus child in 3 words?
Full of life.
If the house goes quiet… where will you find your child?
Either playing independently with his dinosaurs, in the kitchen or doing a poo.
You are in a playground… describe what your child is doing?
Chasing the girls, or roaring at fellow playmates (did I mention dinosaurs?), or climbing everything once and moving on. He likes other kids but is so happy to play on his own also. He particularly likes to collect leaves and point out flowers on our walks to the park. He is a soft-hearted but fiercely wild boy.
Photography by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd
What other signs are in the family? How does your child interact with everyone?
I’m a Libran, and both Andy (dad) and Thea (baby sister) are Virgos.
He is pretty happy and loving most of the time, a very inclusive little friend. He’s more boisterous with his Dad, and gentle with his sister. And most cuddly/needy with me.
I think we’re all pretty understanding of each other in an innate way, as they are all Earth signs and me being a peacekeeping Libran, it all seems to flow pretty nicely most days. His stubborn streak however can frustrate the Virgos in the house at times (I.e. meal time or tantrums)!
Photography by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd
Taurean’s love the sense of security that comes from physical comfort and the sense of touch. How do you nurture Wolfgang’s need for emotional warmth on a day to day basis?
Oh it’s quite easy for me, as my love language is also touch. I’ve always been very hands on with my love and have made an effort to understand and nurture his emotional masculinity, as I know males can struggle processing intense feelings. I want him to grow up feeling safe in his own self, harsh feelings and all. This is a journey for him but he will be guided and supported by us when needed. That’s our promise. There are plenty of cuddles, strokes of his hair, kisses, hand holding, high fives, tickles on a daily basis. It comes pretty natural...
Photography by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd
How does your child wake up in the morning?
He usually wakes after us (now), and we hear either “Mummy” or “Daddy...” - “get me out” hehe! He always wakes happy with a sense of adventure and enthusiasm. Always says good morning and races to his first task, whereever his heart takes him in that moment. After a hug first!
Photography by Claudia Smith
Have you seen the Taurean stubborn side come out when he adjusts to new circumstances?
Everyday it rears it’s head! Some days are better than others, but he is very set on what he wants. We are lucky we’ve led quite flexible and varied days with our kids so far, teaching them rhythm over routine, which we have found helps us as a family unit. However, he is a Taurean and when it comes to food or trying new things it can be a battle. He’s a jolly kid though, so we know it could be a lot worse (we remind ourselves of this when at times it’s getting tough!)
Lastly, Taurus children are earth children. They are charming and reliable. They love to indulge the 5 senses. What magical lessons has your little Taurean taught you?
He has taught me so much! Especially as he is my firstborn. He asks me in his ways to be present with him, when he needs me completely there with him. He has shown me what it’s like to be childlike again, and the magic that it holds. He lives with such intense joy and love of life, it lifts me up constantly. A beautiful reminder our days together matter and that this is what life is about (for us). He certainly does love to indulge- no experience is half baked with him (except for food, excuse the pun!) and he slows me down to his pace, to enjoy life through his eyes. He makes me laugh! He’s really the best of life, I’m hooked.

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