Mum Monthlies Pisces Child-Jordi Henry

Pisces season has kicked off, so to celebrate all things Pisces, VF takes 5 with Jordana Henry, mum of Minty age 2 to ask a few questions about life with a little Pisces

Describe your Pisces child in 3 words?
Only 3 words is so difficult because she has so many different faces.
Bossy, Caring and imaginative (also silly... very silly).

If the house goes quiet… where will you find your child?
Making imaginary tea or cake with her teddies and tea cups.

You are in a playground… describe what your child is doing?
Trying to keep up with the other kids (Minty is late to walking)
And screaming “more slide more slide mumma”
Probably the most stoked kid at the park.

What other star signs are in the family? How does your child interact with everyone?
“My partner is Taurus and so his stubbornness has definitely met its match with Minty in the house. He is undeniably wrapped around her little finger!”

Pisces can be known for being creative and artistic little creatures, does Minty take any interest in Mum’s work?
Minty has always loved music from an early age... it’s like when a song comes on that she likes she can’t control her body from not moving... she can be pretty controlled in her dancing and often closes her eyes and moves very flowy (like a little interpretive dancer).
She definitely loves drawing and is always telling me what she can see in my paintings.

How does your child wake up in the morning?
Looks over at me from her bed and says “Mumma come on!! Where are my shoes?”

Lastly, Pisces have a beautiful vast imagination. They are caring, generous and gentle. What magical lessons has your little Pisces taught you?
She has taught me more in the last two years then in my whole 28 years of life.
She has hypo mobility which has made her journey from newborn to walking a long road... she was/ still is a bum shuffler and is only just learning to walk on her own now (almost 2 years old).
She has taught me that it is important to do things the way that is best for you and not to let what other people think rush you or flatten you.
Everyone’s journeys are different but at the end of the day we are all the same at heart and we are all beautiful!

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