Mum Monthlies Cancer Child-Kate Smedley

Mum Monthlies Cancer Child-Kate Smedley

Cancer season has kicked off, so to celebrate all things Cancerian, VF takes 5 with Kate to ask a few questions about life with her Cancerian boy Otis age 5. Kate takes us on a little journey into her colourful, creative and nurturing home. Enjoy!


Describe your Cancerian boy in 3 words?

Sensetive, hilarious, kind

If the house goes quiet… where will you find him?

In his room playing LEGO or role playing with toys he’s so good at quiet time and playing independently

You are in a playground… describe what Otis is doing?

Probably befriending a stranger

 How does your little guy wake up in the morning?

Well it’s one of two ways... he either sneaks into our room and tries to scare us awake .. or sings really loud from his bed until one of us comes to find him. Always happy in the morning.

What other signs are in the family? How do they interact with everyone?

My husband is also a cancer and they are SO similar in so many ways they’re like two peas in a pod. I’m a Virgo and I feel like our relationship is so close, so loving.. it’s like we are connected in every way. His little bother zephyr is a Leo but as he’s a baby the relationship is still to be seen.

The family nest plays an important role in the life of a Cancer sun child. Your home seems so warm, inviting and colourful. How do you help provide a deeply nurturing space for Otis to thrive?

The space we live and love in is so important to us as I am Home 6/7 days of the week. I have found it really important to give him reign of his bedroom and to help me pick what goes in there and where things go so that he always feels happy in his hidey hole. Even if it means a fish tank in the middle of the bedroom ( yep - not my choice ) it’s his room so I just want it to feel good for him.

Family and loved ones influence a Cancer sun child helping them to blossom into adulthood. Does Otis have a sensitive side and how do you help him process the ebbs and flows of his emotions?

Oh my goodness is he sensitive. He is SO fragile. But incredibly in Touch with his emotions and able to communicate them clearly. We find that when he’s really upset or frustrated he often takes himself off to this room to have some quiet time or have a cry without being told and will come out when he’s ready to chat again.. something we are super proud of.

Is he likely to withdraw when emotional or is he able to express his feelings and move on?

Definitely able to express them - only when he feels overwhelmed or like he can’t find the right words he is likely to retreat and has been known to stomp a foot or two to get attention haha.

Cancerian’s always have the best interests at heart. Do you see a caring and nurturing side to Otis?

He is so incredibly caring, such a. Huge heart. So empathetic and the first person to read your emotions and ask if you’re ok there’s no hiding anything with Otis. The second he feels like someone is hurt or upset it’s all hugs and I’m sorry and I love you’s until he feels like they’re ok.

Lastly, Cancerian’s tend to be creative and have a vivid imagination. They are very observant and colour plays an important role in their creativity. What magic has your little Cancer boy taught you?

Gee whiz imagination is an understatement! He can turn any rock, stick or spoon into a character that plays a part in some elaborate story that starts on a Pirate ship and ends in space where everyone eats jelly and sleeps in trees. Our house is a constant stream of role play, paint everywhere, little cutout paper aliens being found all over the house-  his imagination is endless it’s actually incredible. I can’t wait to see what he does with it one day.

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