Mum Monthlies Aries Child-Tales of our Tribe

Aries season has kicked off, so to celebrate all things Aries, VF takes 5 with Jess Shanahan, mum of Daisy age 1, to ask a few questions about life with a little Aries

Describe your Aries child in 3 words?
Cuddly, hilarious and determined.
If the house goes quiet… where will you find your child?
Up to mischief! Most likely in the kitchen or bathroom pulling everything apart.
You are in a playground… describe what your child is doing?
Eating rocks!
What other star signs are in the family? How does your child interact with everyone?
I'm also an Aries, Poppy is Taurus and Simon is an Aquarius. Daisy is obsessed with Poppy and loves to follow her around the house. They have a very beautiful bond. She frustrates Poppy with her recklessness but Poppy is very patient with her. She is most connected to me, she will look for me in the room and if I am there she will need me to be holding or touching her. With Simon she is more independent. Still loves to cuddle though.
Aries can either be headstrong and enterprising or they can be shy and timid. Which way does Poppy lean towards?
Well she's only young, but so far I would say she is heading more towards headstrong and enterprising. She needs to do everything her own way and will let you know if she's unhappy! she's not shy either, she loves strangers.
How does your child wake up in the morning?
Well she barely sleeps at night haha, but she always wakes up with the biggest smile and arms ready for a cuddle.
Lastly, Aries children approach life with courage, passion and independence. What magic has your little Aries taught you?
She has taught me that you can be both sensitive and loving as well as strong willed and independent. She is a perfect contradiction in every way.

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