Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

0n the 17.07.2019 7:38 am AEST at 24 degrees Capricorn, there is a Partial Lunar Eclipse which is asking you to balance your heart and your head. You've been dealing with these polarities since the Solar Eclipse which may have rearranged the way your family constellations dance with each other. It highlighted opportunities to grow within your emotional home and to see how well you adapt to change. Did you show up and own your emotional responses? Now's the time to let old stories and structures go and move forward.
Capricorn is about your worldly ambitions and personal life goals. As a woman can you do it all? Look after the family, the never-ending chores, make a better life for your children, work to help bring in income oh and what about your creative passion? It's exhausting but I know there is a fire within you which is breaking old stereotypes. Just take a moment to think if your needs and values are being met and ultimately do you feel secure in both your inner and external worlds.
The symbol of the seagoat is a beautiful reminder that it requires the depths of your emotions to be mastered in order to climb the mountain you desire. And this is what this Capricorn energy is about. You are made of women, grounded and sensitive. No longer are you required to wear both pants in your relationship or in this world. If you can master your emotions you will move through life and have the success you want just as the woman you are. Your strength is in your vulnerability, it is in your intuition, it is in the fact you know that things need to change.
Eclipses speed up the inevitable and if you have put in the hard work over the past few years you will see results. This is a powerful time to capitalise from your efforts. Transformation takes time, pieces of the puzzle may feel like they are missing but really they don't belong in the final masterpiece. Whether you are single or in a relationship, the key to moving through this Eclipse is to consider others emotions and act in a reasonable and rational way when change is knocking at the door.
Worlds are shaking, pieces are breaking, hearts are aching and lives are changing all placing you on your path of power.