Chinese Lunar New Year- The Year of the Pig

In celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, VF takes 5 with Theresa Lee Shields, mum of Mason and Noah to ask a few questions about Chinese Astrology and the year of the Pig.
What are the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs?
When does this Lunar New Year Fall?
The lunar new year falls on the 5th of February 2019. It changes every year to follow the first day of the new moon (usually between the 21st of Jan to the 20th of Feb.
What does it mean to be born under the year of the pig?
The pig is said to be prosperous due to “chubby features and big ears”. The pig baby born this year (from 5th February this year to 24th Jan 2020) is said to be gentle but strong. Children born in the year of the pig are also kind but are sensitive. They tend to be close to their parents.

Lastly, how does Chinese Astrology help you understand a child's personality and their natural gifts? 

It is believed that the nature of a child, his or her preferences and personality is largely determined by the patronage of the animal.

Can you give us an example?
For example, those born in the dragon year are believed to be high achieving and ambitious. This could be a result of the dragon being the only mythical creature on the zodiac. In countries where this is a strongly held belief, there is always a massive surge in babies being born in the Year of the dragon. Martin Luther King, Che Guevara and Maya Angelou are some famous dragons.
Damn it, I'm an ox! Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!