Mum Monthlies Gemini Child- Penelope Hill

Gemini season has kicked off, so to celebrate all things Gemini, VF takes 5 with Penny, mum of not one but two Gemini boys! Louis age 8 and Marloe age 3. We ask a few questions about life with little Gemini's.
Describe your Gemini boys in 3 words?
Affectionate, thoughtful, hilarious 
If the house goes quiet… where will you find them?
Louis (8) will be reading a book somewhere quiet and Marloe (3) will most likely be up to Mischief somewhere... his latest move was “packing” my clothes in the toilet.
You are in a playground… describe what your boys are doing?
Louis is most likely either on a swing deep in his thoughts or sitting right next to me doing a running commentary on everything. Marloe is changing up and down the slippery dip or experimenting with how wet he can get in the dog bowl at the bubbler.
What other signs are in the family? How do they interact with everyone?
Middle brother is Sagittarius, dad is Scorpio, mum is Aries.
We are actually all pretty well suited. I (Aries) tend to have a pretty strong connection with my Gemini’s... I seem to really “get” them... I guess we are all chatty Nancys! My husband tends to work better with disciplining our Sagittarius .. those two are the quieter ones in the family.
Gemini's are fast paced and curious. They have an insatiable need for the exchange of information through communication. How do you keep up the constant flow of questions thrown at you on a daily basis?
Louis is constantly asking or telling me things that he has learnt... he is ridiculously observant and is always commenting on things he sees and relaying these things to me despite the fact that I have witnessed the exact same thing.  This requires a great deal of patience and I must constantly resist the urge to say “I know”.
Marloe just generally talks at you and when the whole family is talking at once he increasingly raises his volume until he is screaming to be heard. The best way to parent my two is to constantly make noises of acknowledgment
"Yes Louis?”...“oh really?” “Ahhhh” “I see”.
How do your Gemini’s wake up in the morning?
They don’t, I have two night owls! My sag is a morning bird.. he is up with the sun but both Geminis will sleep in as they both stay up late reading by torchlight. 
We tend to think of Gemini children as little octopuses, with several different things on the go at once. Any tips on how to get a little Gemini to persist at one task at a time?
Well I must be a big octopus because this sounds like me too. We all just tend to roll with the punches- I find that If I let them “be” then we all tend to find harmony... chaos always ensues when I have to start dictating our schedule because of school, sport, family commitments etc.
Having said that, my boys do like a routine and tend to find comfort in their habitual ways! 
Lastly, the Gemini nature tends to be social, inquisitive, curious and open-minded. What magic have your little Gemini boys taught you?
Oh wow... what haven’t they taught me?
I guess they have taught me the beauty of questioning everything... the best way to learn is to ask “why” and “how”?
Marloe is the most easygoing and happy little person- he has definitely shown me how much joy you can bring to others with a smile and a simple “hello”.
 Louis is a sensitive soul, he is extremely bright and is interested in learning, he loves puzzles, lego and books. Unlike a lot of his peers, He isn’t interested in sport which initially used to make me anxious, but as he has grown he has taught me that it is ok to be “different” and that he is more than happy being just the way he is! He has definitely made me less judgemental - I have learnt to stop projecting my wants onto him - he is the most magic individual and he is perfect just the way he is!

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