Mum Monthlies Aquarius Child - Pax and Hart

Aquarius season has kicked off, so to celebrate all things Aquarian, VF takes 5 with Emma Labattaglia , mum of Pax age 7, Hart age 5 and Birdie age 2 to ask a few questions about life with a little Aquarian.    
Describe your little Aquarian in 3 words?
Gentle, easy going and friendly. 
If the house goes quiet… where will you find your child?
Pax tends to be a real people person and likes others to keep him occupied! So he's always by my side or my husbands. He much prefers to do things with other people than on his own.
You are in a playground… describe what your child is doing?
Pax would much prefer to be doing something more exciting than playing at a park. It's never really kept him occupied! Unless there's a flying fox or something extra special.
What other star signs are in the family? How does your child interact with everyone?
Paxs' little sister is a very strong Capricorn! She gives him a hard time, bossing him around. With his easy going nature he handles it so well, stays calm and kind. I can't believe it sometimes! His brother Hart is a happy free spirited Sagittarius. They get a long but they aren't always on the same page. Harts energy levels are slightly higher and Pax can get annoyed with him.  
Aquarians are renowned for going against the norm with their alternate ways of seeing the world. How does Pax tackle day to day life?
Pax doesn't struggle with this at all. He happily does what he wants and doesn't care if others are doing different things to him. He always seems to find his happy place, even when it's not with the majority.  
How does your child wake up in the morning?
He is the best sleeper! Always has been. He wakes up happy and rested. If he doesn't get the sleep he needs though he can be an emotional mess.
Lastly, Aquarians dance to the beat of their own drum and love to stand up for what's right in this world. What magic has your little Aquarian taught you?
Pax is excepting of others, no matter how different they are to him. I think that's a beautiful quality and I take that from him. I don't want him to loose that quality as he grows up so it's something I nurture.      

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